A Plan for Helping Victims, but a Lack of Preventative Measures

I discovered the Federal Strategic Action Plan through the Global Center for Women & Justice’s website. At first, I was excited because I thought this plan would help prevent human trafficking. I was hoping that this would decrease the staggering number of people who are trafficked every day. However, it is simply providing services for survivors of human trafficking. This plan includes three ideas: Coordination, Collaboration, and Capacity. It also has four main goals: Align Efforts, Improve Understanding, Expand access to services, and Improve Outcomes.

Although this policy is a step in the right direction and would be helpful to victims of human trafficking that have already escaped, how does this help victims who are still in the process? This policy does not, in my eyes, help prevent human trafficking in the first place. It is simply an effort to improve victim services. Yes, helping to restore the survivors of human trafficking back to normal, healthy lifestyles is very important, but it is not stopping the problem itself.



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